List State Capitals Worksheet


Printable worksheets, maps, and games for teaching students about the 50 states. Maps, Mystery State Activities, USA Capitals, and More.

States and capitals worksheets for study with blank sheets for tests and exams free to print. Plus state nicknames, postal abbreviations, maps, crosswords, wordsearch ...

Directions for State Capitals Worksheets. Select Match Capitals to the States and print out. Have children fill in the blanks using the list of State Capitals at ...

If your 5th grader needs extra practice learning the U.S. state capitals, this fill-in-the-blank states and capitals worksheet is just the ticket.

Name: _____ Page 1 of 2 States and Capitals Study List State Capital Abbreviation Alabama Montgomery AL Alaska Juneau AK Arizona Phoenix AZ ...

Now 50,000+ K-12 Lesson Plans amp; Worksheets : 2,000+ Social Studies Worksheets ... Using the word bank of state capitals below, match the capitals to their state.


Create a worksheet: Memorize the states and capital pairs of the United States

List of States, capitals and abbreviations of the USA in alphabetical order as a print out sheet will help teach you USA geography. Fill in Capital City Names. _____ Alabama _____ Alaska _____ Arizona _____ Arkansas _____ California

State Capitals Part 2 Match-up Worksheet. Use our premade lists or use your own words to create unique and quick match-up worksheets.

50 STATES AND CAPITALS MAP WORKSHEET healthy green tea latte recipe, 7805 voltage regulator specification, 127 hours arm amputation scene video, 50 states and ... provides free math worksheets for first, second, third, fourth, and ... Counting, Writing Practice, Tell Time, Draw Hands, Elapsed Time, U.S State Capitals ...

This song teaches memorization of all 50 states and capitals in alphabetical order! After memorizing this song and using the worksheets, you'll be able to name the 50 ...

Study guide list with links to U.S. state and capital homepages

Give state, write in capital of state Give capital, write in state Give largest city ... Handwriting Worksheets and Handwriting Based Activities

U.S. State Capitals Word Scramble. Add your own words to the Word Scramble maker, or start clean with your own words. We'll generate the worksheet for you!

Alphabetical list of U.S. states and capitals. Sort the list by clicking on the column heading. ... June Games, Learning Activities amp; Worksheets - Flag Day - Fathers Day - ...

Free States/Capitals A-K: Matching worksheet for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

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