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River of Souls Loot List | Rift. Trash Loot [Soulless Greatsword] [Staff of Torment] [Staff of ... Bwd loot table - Night Spirit. Loot-Table ... Loot Table for Nightbane; NAME ...

Astral Layer 2 - Loot Table Created by Corranhorn of Clan Chaos With contributions by Chagatai, Dustogrei, and others Quick Links

Kingdom of Heaven; Ivory City; Earth II; Water II; Mist II ... Play Castle Age. Site members; Wiki Membership ... Monster Loot Table. This table does not include random ...

Loot Table Updated ... Blight (5/5) Duke Letareus; Infiltrator Johlen; Oracle Aleria; Prince Hylas; Lord Greenscale

Rift MMORPG gameplay, raiding and general Rift talk by WhiteLady from Special ... Rift Fishing Pets; Infernal Dawn Loot Table; Rift Common Fish List; Stillmoor Fishing Guide

Sovereign Helm (leather, purple) Tank Melee Healer Mnk 90Hp 114AC 75Dur . Sovereign Bracers Tank Melee Healer Mnk 162Pow 92AC 75Dur


Image Item Name ATK DEF PER Special Usage gives... gives... gives... gives...

Besides the mount, his loot table includes the Time-Forward Talisman, a blue necklace. He shares spawns with Vyragosa, so if she is up, the Protodrake will not be spawned.

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wow archaeology loot table; atlasloot; cataclysm dungeon loot table; wow cataclysm loot ... Suite 5.12, the Quirky Kiwi, which is fully compatible with World of Warcraft 4.2.x.

BioWare Social; Age of Champions; Defend the Kingdom (Raids) Raid loot drop table

DCUO FEATS LIST. Exploration Feats Explore the Watchtower (Heroes Only) (10 ... hit counter Loot!(10 Feat Points) Bust open 5 treasure chests ...

Posted in the Dark Age of Camelot Round Table Pub ... their master level and artifact loot. Five of these essences can be combined into the reforming energies of an afrit ...

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